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iO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exquisite olive juice, made with Caceres Manzanilla and Arbequina olive varieties. It stands out thanks to its pronounced flavor and great balance in the palate, a true delight for the most discer­ning palates, for people who want something more in the world of oils. With a simple yet stylish and contemporary design, we offer a wide range of packaging to suit the needs of our customers. Spray Surat Kitchen Our Surat Kitchen Spray is made with 100% extra virgin olive oil. It is a genuine healthy olive juice and it is 100% nautural. Ideal for flavoring your dishes and bringing in­novation to your kitchen. Flavors: Barbecue, Truffle, Garlic, Natural and Chili. Surat Healthy The oil is enriched with lycopene through a fluid-mechanical process, without solvents and extracted from tomato pulp, resulting in a healthy product that combines two basic components of the Mediterranean diet. When eating raw vegetables the body can only make use of 5% of the lycopene, included in the oil up to 90% as we’re able to achieve a very high bioavailability. >

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