Externalización (Outsourcing) del Departamento de Comercio Exterior




Do you wish to export any of your company products? In this case, arm yourself with patience and time, as you have a long list of tasks and processes to carry out. You will have to find and contact overseas buyers, arrange transport, credit insurance, banks, customs agents, couriers…. once the products are tendered and the prices negotiated, you will have to follow the foreign trade process step by step including dealing with issues such as delays in delivery, in pay and lost merchandise. Not to mention the effort involved in creating a team capable of selling your product to the world, an efficient team committed to the tasks and objectives of your company. Outsourcing each phase of the process to companies specialising in each of the particular fields provides an alternative to free yourself from such issues, avoid these obstacles and save time and money through subcontracting. Small companies could have a Foreign Trade Department with low costs and specialised personnel.
Outsourcing the Foreign Trade Department This service is designed specially for small and medium companies that wish to start or increase their international presence and don’t have the means, experience or infrastructure necessary to carry out the job. We can perform the tasks entailed in such a department, or support specific Foreign Trade tasks within your company. Our work depends on your needs, for companies starting out in exporting or importing: – Together we analyse what you wish to achieve according to your sales policies and whether we are truly ready to do it. – We study your product to see if it is exportable, competitive or if it needs any changes or adaptations
If you already have experience in this field , and need our help to complement the implementation of your international plan, we support you with tasks such as: -Search for clients -Business agendas -Technical & legal requirements in your chosen market -International transport’ -International contracts -Pay methods, -Finance
These are some of the issues we can help you solve. We’re open to negotiate different contract plans, each project is different due to volumes, product types, market conditions, destinations. Time invested will also vary depending on the needs and nature of each job. We only accept projects we know we will be able to carry out based on our experience, knowledge and infrastruture. We guarantee all our work, marketing services and representation, with a detailed mutually agreed to contract.